Our Story

If you would’ve asked us back in 2011 if we thought we’d ever date each other, we both would have laughed and said, “NO WAY.”

Luckily for us, the pull of fate was stronger than our stubbornness, and after a few bottles of wine at the Panegyri Greek Festival during the summer of 2013, we kissed.  And well, the rest is history.

We discovered early on that our relationship was different than any we had experienced before. It felt effortless and easy. We just clicked, as simple as that.

We moved in together in July of 2014, falling in love a little bit more with each passing day.  We became best friends. Cooking together, working out together, and relaxing together became part of our daily routine, while also getting to know each other on a deeper level. We experienced heartbreak together with the passing of loved ones. We endured the loss of jobs, and the uncertainty in new ones. We rejoiced together in the news of weddings, pregnancies, and adoptions of our friends and family members. Justin even adopted Rudy as his own. 😉

Fast forward, two years later.


On May 7th, 2016 Justin proposed to Amanda during her birthday celebration with her family.  He had a US Women’s National Team (her fave) soccer jersey customized with her favorite number and PETERSON across the back. She opened it, confused, and asked, “Why does it have your name on it?!” He quickly explained that he was planning for the future, as he knelt down on one knee.

Sharing our love with our friends and families over the past four FIVE years has truly been the highlight of our relationship. We couldn’t be more grateful for your love and support, and for believing in our relationship from the very beginning!

Our wedding website can be found here.  We were also featured on Bridal & Formal’s blog, the beautiful bridal shop where I found my dream gown!

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