Salt in the Wound

On Saturday, I woke up at about ten ’til 8.  My first thought was of my Grandpa.  The updates from the day before were that he was no longer eating and drinking much.  Hospice was no longer allowing him to eat ice chips, as he was beginning to choke on them.  However, he was in good spirits, and enjoying his visits with family and friends.

It wasn’t 20 minutes later that I got a message that Grandpa had passed away peacefully in his sleep.   No family members were there, but that’s probably how he wanted it.

He wrote letters to each of his 7 children, outlining what he wanted his funeral service to be like and since he was a music lover, which songs to include.  He wants each of his kids and grandkids to select a few records from his collection, which is probably 40,000. Our family is big, but not that big!  Just a little proof that he can continue to make us smile and laugh even after he’s gone.   🙂

I was extremely upset that morning. I am typically pretty good expressing my feelings in words, but as I was trying to write a Facebook post about his passing, I just couldn’t.  I shared my Uncle’s post and just added that I loved him.  After a couple hours of sadness I finally realized that this is not what he would want. He wouldn’t want me sitting around sulking, and frankly, I am pretty tired of doing that anyway!  We headed out to lunch, and later Justin & I went to the casino and gambled in memory of him (He loved going to the casino!).  Plus we thought, with all of our recent BAD luck, surely there had to be some GOOD luck hiding somewhere?!  Of course, I didn’t win a dime, but Justin won a decent amount. Thanks for looking over us, Gramps!

I am so glad you get to meet our sweet baby in Heaven.  Please give him/her a kiss for me, and sing him/her all your favorite songs.


A few photos of Gramps from our wedding. 

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