Recent Recipes

I would totally categorize Justin & I as “foodies.”  We love to eat, we love to cook, and we are always on the hunt for new recipes to try.  Here’s a couple that we’ve tried out recently, and 100% recommend!

Brown Butter Scallops and Parmesan Risotto, from Pinch of Yum – We strayed from the recipe just a little bit. We omitted the shallots because Justin won’t eat onions of any type, and used orzo in place of arborio rice because that’s what we had at home.  It was FANTASTIC.  I can’t wait to make this again! Also, Pinch of Yum is an adorably cute food & lifestyle blog. This couple traumatically lost their first pregnancy – which is how I was introduced to the blog in the first place.

My photo can’t rival Food Blogger, Pinch of Yum’s, but it still looks tasty if you ask me!

Caprese Chicken  – A couple weeks ago, we were thinking up our dinner menu for the week and we were specifically looking for recipes to incorporate the buffalo mozzarella cheese we had in the fridge.  I suggested Caprese Chicken, and Justin, who normally shuts down every chicken recipe I suggest, jumped on board.  I mean, how can you not love this combo: fresh, ooze-y mozzarella and thinly-sliced HOME-GROWN tomatoes atop thin chicken breasts, drizzled with balsamic vinegar? It was delicious, and my husband loved it so much that we’ve made it multiple times, each time purposely making extra, to allow for leftovers the next day.

Also – I am ridiculously proud of my four little tomato plants. I have the furthest thing from a green thumb, so I am actually shocked that they are A.) Still alive, and B.) Cranking out deliciously juicy tomatoes. My apologies if we are Snapchat friends, and have been forced to look at more photos of my tomatoes than I’m sure you care to! 😉

What are some recipes you’ve been loving recently? Drop it in the comments!

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