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6 & 7 Weeks

We are so excited to see our little bean at our 8 week ultrasound.  Until then, here’s how I’m feeling! 

How far along: 6 weeks and 3 days today
Gender prediction:
We are hoping for a girl. YES, both of us!  But of course ultimately we just want a healthy baby!

Weight gain: I have gained a few pounds over the holidays from eating completely unhealthily.  We’re talking loads of pasta, pizza, and Christmas cookies. So I’m having a hard time believing the weight gain is actually from pregnancy.  Hoping that hopping back on track with my healthy meals & exercise regime that my body will normalize a bit.
Maternity clothes: Too early for that. But, totally browsing a few websites!
Sleep: The first few days after that positive test were the worst.  I woke up a multiple times a night and had trouble staying asleep because I was too busy thinking about the fact that there’s potentially an alien the size of chocolate chip growing inside of me. Since the initial shock factor wore off I have been sleeping better, and literally as much as I can.  I’m so tired all the time!
Best moment this week: Celebrating with Justin. We made a human!
Worst moment this week: Thinking about all of the things that could go wrong.
Miss anything: Wine. I have some great bottles from Christmas that will now collect dust for the next 8 months!
Movement: No – much too early for that!
Cravings: PICKLES (so cliche, but so so true!) and grilled cheese.
Queasy or sick: No food aversions, but I haven’t “craved” chocolate in two weeks and there’s something completely bizarre about that!
Looking forward to:  Our 8 week appointment!  Anxious to confirm that there is, indeed, a chocolate chip growing.

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