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December 2020 Recap

December 2020 came and went SO fast! The Peterson house was finally feeling better, and we were super busy all month long preparing everything for Morgan’s first Christmas!

We decorated our house, and trimmed the tree. Morgan loved looking at the lights on the tree and touching the low-hanging ornaments.

We did a little photoshoot for our Christmas card.

As gifts started rolling in and making their way under the tree, it was hard to keep Morgan away from them. She was fiddling and slowly unwrapping corners of boxes when we would look away, so we caved and we let her open some gifts early. Not to mention, I think Christmas is totally overwhelming for kids (especially one who has practically lived in isolation for 9 months) so we thought it would be best to celebrate all month long!

She started to get really comfortable with walking in her walker (or as we call it, her “car”) or pushing behind a toy. We knew she was not far from walking unassisted!

Morgan also played Santa Claus for a few Saturday afternoons. We bought small gifts for some of her friends – aka, our friends’ kids – and delivered them safely to their doorsteps with tags saying Merry Christmas, Love Morgan. ❤

We made a visit to the funeral home in our hometown that offers a manger display with live animals. Morgan was terrified of the donkeys and sheep! Maybe next year, kiddo.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we got together with my Mom’s side of the family for a small celebration. Morgan looked like such a big girl in her chair at the table eating Christmas dinner. She was pretty clingy to me, Justin, and my Mom & Dad. Not only is “stranger danger” a normal trait that shows up around 9 months, but again, she has been pretty isolated for most of her life thanks to Covid, so she’s extra unsure about anyone outside her bubble. After a while she started warming up, though. My grandparents got her this awesome Red Flyer wagon, she was pushing it all around my aunt’s house like a pro.

When we got home, we put Morgan to bed and set out all of her gifts from us. We got her the Pottery Barn Anywhere chair, a couple miscellaneous toys, and some clothes that she needed. We tried not to go overboard, because we knew the rest of our family would! 🙂

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning, we opened gifts just the 3 of us, and played while Daddy made us a yummy breakfast casserole. Morgan had some bites of the casserole (eggs and hashbrowns) and her current fave – raspberries.

My Aunt & Cousin got her this dolly with a magnetic pacifier. Easily, one of her favorite toys!
Rudy is also a fan of the PB chair.

After breakfast, Morgan took a nap and we got ready for a day of visitors. Grandma & Grandpa P, Auntie Becky and Uncle Scott came over in the afternoon for a few hours of gift opening. Morgan was spoiled yet again! However, during this visit, my little acrobat dove headfirst off of her new chair onto a plastic block – resulting in her first black eye! #ParentsoftheYear

THANKFULLY, the black eye only lasted a day or two!

We wrapped up Christmas day with a visit from Mimi & Poppy, and we went to bed with a living room that was officially filled to the brim with toys. I’ll tell you what, Morgan is one blessed (and dare I say, spoiled!) little girl! ❤

The full Christmas Album can be viewed HERE.

Misc. December Photos

Girls Lunch

My late, Great Grandma Casey’s birthday was December 27th. We used to always go out for a girls-only lunch to celebrate with her. Although she passed 7 years ago, we still like to celebrate her every year in the same fashion. We ate at Catch-A-Fire Pizza, in an igloo! It was a really cool experience, and Morgan’s first time dining out!

Of course, we had to dress in matching outfits for the occasion.

She was super well behaved, and ate little bites of my pizza along with some of her puffs that I brought. The true showstopper though, was the chocolate syrup from the dessert! My mom was dipping her Wubba (her pacifier) in the chocolate sauce and Morgan was moaning in delight. It was hysterical! Girlfriend loves her some chocolate – just like her mama!

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