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Wrapping Up March 2021


On March 1st, Morgan learned a new trick. She can now walk in the kitchen, open the cabinet, and grab Rudy’s bag of Pupperoni treats. She gives it to Justin or I to open and give her one, then she gives it to Rudy. It is literally the cutest thing ever, and she wants to do it 100x per day. I think she is just determined to win Rudy’s affection. LOL Check out the Video Here.


Our favorite ice cream shop (where I once worked for 5 summers!), the Mt. Healthy Dairy Bar, opened on March 6th. We met up with some friends to walk and play at the park, followed by lunch & ice cream treats from the Dairy Bar.

Since walking in shoes is still new to her, it didn’t occur to me to bring hers the first week, so she just hung out in her stroller and watched the big kids play. The following Wednesday, however, she wore her shoes and had fun swinging and playing with her friends!

Morgan’s love for chocolate ice cream continues, and how cute is her little gang of friends?!


This month, Cincinnati is FINALLY seeing some warmer temperatures and let me tell you – Morgan is HERE FOR IT. She is obsessed with playing outside every chance she can, and stares out the window looking for “Mr. Sun.” The girl who once hated wearing shoes, now understands that SHOES = OUTSIDE, so she will grab and bring them to us in hopes we will put them on her and take her outside!

We blow bubbles in the backyard, and take rides in her Cozy Coupe. We’re also taking walks as frequently as possible around our neighborhood. At the end of our walk, we will stop at the corner in front of our house and take her out of the stroller to let her walk the rest of the way.

Big girl in her cheetah shoes!


We took Morgan to our friends’ Bryan & Briana’s house the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day for a little shindig. She sat on Uncle Adam’s motorcycle and thought she was hot stuff!

Actual St. Patrick’s day was during the week, but I dressed her in the same green outfit for the sitter’s house. How cute are her little piggy tails!?


The real highlight of the month was that Morgan turned ONE!!! Her birthday party is it’s own blog post, but to summarize, it was Hole-in-One golf themed and it turned out super cute! We planned and prepared for months, making most of the decor ourselves. Morgan had a blast, and I think our guests did too.

More Photos from March can be found here & here.

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