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Morgan’s Hole-in-ONE Birthday Party!

It took months of planning and preparation, but Morgan’s 1st Birthday Party was a huge success! We celebrated on Sunday, March 21st, 2021 – her actual birthday! With Covid still lingering around, we kept the party small, and exclusively family. We are hopeful that next year’s party can include all our friends, too!

Morgan was born right at the beginning of golf season, so many of her early days we spent in her Boppy lounger “watching” golf on TV. Justin came up with idea of a Hole-in-One birthday theme, and he wouldn’t let up until I gave in! ๐Ÿ˜‰


When you look on Pinterest and Etsy for baby girl golf themed decor, you won’t find much-most everything is for a baby boy!-so we took to making most of the decor ourselves.

Justin made an awesome balloon arch (he ordered a kit from Amazon, and we bought the balloons from Hobby Lobby), and he hung extra balloons on our mailbox, as well as above the cabinets in the kitchen. Justin made a couple of mock “golf holes” out of foam that we placed on the food tables, and spray painted a bunch of golf balls pink and green to fit the color scheme.

With my Cricut machine, I made the banner for Morgan’s highchair, and tied various ribbon on either side. I also made the Happy Birthday banner, a sign to place in the front yard, the themed food tags, Morgan’s bib, and decals for the 10 white paper lanterns that we hung throughout the house. I downloaded a font that looked like the Titleist font, and emulated the “Titleist 1” logo on the lanterns and bib.

In our bay window, we hung an adorable pink sparkly banner with monthly photos of Morgan. I love it so much, I told Justin we are never taking it down!


All of the food and drinks were golf themed as well! We tried to keep things as Covid-friendly as we could.

We served:

  • Club Sandwiches – I ordered a giant Servatti’s pretzel sandwich with lunchmeat and cheese varieties
  • Pimento Cheese Sandwiches – A Masters Tournament tradition!
  • Chip Shots – Individual bags of chips
  • Go for the Green – Veggie tray
  • Sand Traps – Rice Krispie treats made by my mom! Some had chocolate chips, others were plain, but she individually wrapped each of them for Covid-friendly serving.
  • Hole-In-One Oreo Balls – The most delicious Oreo balls made by my SIL, Becky! We used pink golf tees to act as toothpicks for serving.
  • Arnold Palmers – Tea & Lemonade
  • Water Hazard – Bottled Water
  • 19th Hole – Beer & White Claw


My mom always made my cakes when I was growing up–heck, who am I kidding? She still does! So making Morgan’s cake was special to me. It also beats the insane price that bakeries want! Whoa.

I made two round cakes: one larger one for guests to eat, and a smaller one for Morgan to smash. Both were chocolate cake with white frosting, and turned out pretty good! They tasted great, and I watched lots of YouTube videos on how to properly frost with a cake spinner. I ended up buying the cake topper on Etsy, because I was taking on too many projects to make it myself! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Morgan was so spoiled with gifts from all our family members. A few of her favorites are her water table, picnic table, ice cream cart, and baby doll stroller.

Writing all our Thank You notes is on this weekend’s TO-DO list!

Cake Smash!

I was surprised that Morgan didn’t cry when we all sung Happy Birthday to her. I think she was too focused on trying to touch the lit candle in front of her that she didn’t care. She dug into it a little bit with her hands, but gave up interest after a few minutes…not before she ran her hands through her hair, though! My mom fed her some cake with a spoon before switching over to her real favorite – chocolate ice cream!

Party Animal

I think the photos speak for themselves – Morgan had SO much fun at her first Birthday Party! She was way more social than I anticipated she would be, and she even met some family members for the first time! She let everyone hold her, and took a few strolls around the yard with her Auntie Becky.

By the end of the night, she was running through her balloon arch like a crazy woman, with her jammies on and remnants of cake in her hair. That’s what I call a successful birthday! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thank you to all our family who came to celebrate with us, and everyone else who celebrated virtually! I am so thankful for our tribe, and we are blessed that Morgan is loved by so many!

The full photo album can be viewed here.

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