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January & February 2021 Recap

Welcome back, readers! I know, I know, another late post. We’ve been so super busy preparing for little miss’ FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY that the blog has been on the back burner. But, I’m here today to finally update you on all that we did in January & February 2021!


We kicked off the year with Morgan’s 9 month visit to the pediatrician. No shots this visit, thank goodness! She is up to the 18th percentile for weight (still a tiny girl!) and 76th percentile for height. I am excited to see what her 1 year stats will be!


Despite being tiny, she’s been rapidly expanding her range of foods! The girl loves her some black beans, any type of pasta, and chocolate animal crackers. As far as milk goes, I’m no longer keeping up with her breast milk demand, so we’ve had to start supplementing with formula when necessary. I bought her another type of sippy cup (thanks Nik for the recommendation!) so we’re drinking water with meals–that is, when she doesn’t spit it out like a fountain.

In January, we took Morgan out to dinner at Logan’s Steakhouse and ate INSIDE a restaurant for the first time! She had so much fun people watching and waving to anyone who walked by our table. And to our surprise, she was very well behaved!

Later in the month, we had brunch with my Aunt Nicole and my cousins Micah and Brett at Maplewood Kitchen. She loved it & crushed some lemon ricotta pancake and fruit!

Morgan loves her “Auntie” Micah


We are (finally!) trying to get out of the house more and get Morgan accustomed to being around friends and family. In February, we had a playdate with friends and Morgan LOVED the older girls. It was the very next weekend that she started walking, and Justin and I joked that one night with the “big girls” and she was determined to be one of them!


Here’s a snippet of the “official” 10 & 11 month photoshoots.
The full albums can be found here and here.


We celebrated Morgan’s first Valentine’s Day! Mommy & Daddy might’ve gone a little bit overboard. 😉 We spoiled her with her favorite snacks and treats, new shoes, jammies, a book, toothbrush, etc.

Mommy & Daddy spoiled each other, too! If you missed it, I posted a little something fun for Valentine’s Day about our relationship!

With the help of Morgan’s sitter, Morgan gave us Valentine’s gifts too! The little dog was a gift for her, of course, but the magnet and handprint valentine went straight on the fridge.


Like I mentioned in my December post, this girl has been fiercely on the move. She got so comfortable pushing her wagon and walking in her “car,” that by Valentine’s Day, she mustered up the courage to take a lap around the island unassisted. And let me tell you – she hasn’t slowed down since! She is now walking (sometimes running!) like an absolute pro.

On Valentine’s Day afternoon we took her to DSW to try on some shoes (some with actual tread on the bottom). Let’s just say, walking in shoes will take some getting used to!

HOW CUTE are these little Nikes on her!?!? I can’t.

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