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August Recap & Morgan’s 5 Month Update

Good Morning, and Happy September!

It feels good to be back on the blog today and spend just a few minutes doing something adult-like in between the feedings, pumpings and diaper changes. This month has been a busy one, but I am still loving every minute of this busy new Mom life. Let me catch you up on what we did and what we celebrated, this August 2020!

August 1st is my parents’ wedding anniversary! Happy 34 years, Mom & Dad!

August 15th – One of the many photoshoots of the month! The onesie was made by my friend Rikki, at Peony Jean Boutique! Her stuff is SO cute!

On August 21st, Morgan turned 5 MONTHS OLD! How is that even possible?! Of course, we had to do an official photo shoot.

We celebrated Morgan’s 5 Month birthday with her first trip to a brewery! We checked out Third Eye Brewing in Sharonville. If you’ve never been, it is worth the trip! Great beers and delicious food, with an open atmosphere. It was here that Morgan tried her first pickle and first french fry! LOL

August 22nd is National Rainbow Baby Day. While this isn’t an official “holiday” by definition, it is a day that tugs on my heartstrings. We didn’t do anything particular to celebrate our Rainbow girl, because truly every day feels like a celebration of her, but we did take a few moments to reflect on how blessed we are to finally have our rainbow girl. ❤

On August 28th, my brother got married…again! They got married on June 5th, their original date, with just a small ceremony in Monica’s parents backyard, and rescheduled the big shindig for August 28th. Unfortunately, an event that big still doesn’t feel safe for us to bring Morgan, so she and Justin stayed home while I attended solo. We did, however, take her to the Rehearsal Dinner with us and I’m super bummed I didn’t get any photos of her with the beautiful winery in the background!

Morgan’s 5 Month Milestones:

  • We continued to try more baby foods this month! So far she’s had sweet potato, avocado, pears & bananas (both pureed and in the silicone feeder) along with rice cereal as well. Oh, and the occasional lick of a pickle, french fry, and ice cream cone…
Mmmm Avocado!
  • She loves my mom’s dog, Buddy, but really I think Buddy loves HER even more! He is always giving her kisses!
  • Sadly, my mom went back to work this month so her official babysitting duties had to come to an end. 😦 The same week, our sitter was exposed to COVID, so we decided to defer another two weeks rather than risk exposure. Justin watched Morgan while he worked from home (3 days a week for 2 weeks), which was challenging but he made it work!
  • Morgan now grabs her toes all the time, and is a PRO at rolling over from her back to her belly.  Belly to back, not so much.  Only my child would do the “harder” task first. She’s also trying to crawl by pushing up with her arms and moving her legs like a wild woman. Sometimes she does what we call, “inchworm” and pushes her booty up in the air and scoots forward with her arms. I better soak up all of this now, because I know it won’t be long before this girl is on the go!
  • BUT, since Morgan can now roll over like a champ, we are working on getting her to sleep UNswaddled. I bought a Zipadeezip to try, and she looks like the absolute cutest little starfish in it.

That’s all I have for this month, but I have lots of ideas brewing! Thanks for visiting, and check back again soon!

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