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Nursery Tour

Hey better late than never, right?!

I’m hopping on today to FINALLY give you guys a tour of Morgan’s nursery. Much of this has already changed in the last few months, as the space has become more lived-in, but you get the gist!

First, and most important, is Morgan’s crib.  This crib is from Pottery Barn and was a hand-me-down from my aunt. (Thank you Auntie Casey!) It is the perfect simple design that we were going for.

IMG_5228IMG_5223The sign above the crib is from Etsy, but Justin stained & painted it to match (it came natural wood).

On the wall opposite of her crib, is her dresser/changing table, nightstand, and glider with ottoman.

The dresser was actually mine as a child, that Justin refinished for Morgan. He did a great job, and I love having a little bit of nostalgia in her decor.


Her gallery wall is made up of mostly items from Hobby Lobby. I love the little Babe Cave sign, and the miracle sign I actually made on my Cricut!

The onesie in the shadow box is the one I made and had signed by Rose Lavelle! I have since added the photo of Rose & me to the shadowbox as well.

IMG_5224The glider and ottoman was yet another awesome hand-me-down from Auntie Casey, as well as the diaper genie.  The nightstand is from Ikea, and the lamp is from Target. The pillows on the chair were gifts, but I know the rainbow one is from Pottery Barn.

This is an old photo, the decor on the shelves has since been restyled a bit.
Peep her Alex Morgan Barbie on top! 🙂

Opposite the glider is the bookshelf that we looked high and low for! Literally, we spent months looking for the perfect bookshelf to fit that space. We had bought one from Wayfair originally, but it was broken during delivery, so we were back to square one.  We ended up settling on one from Ikea, and I think it fits the space perfectly!

We mounted the baby monitor on top of it, which gives us the perfect view of our sweet girl in her crib.

The Growth Chart Justin & I made is on the wall next to the closet.

Last but not least, the rug from AtHome which we all love!

Ahh, Newborn Baby Morgan. Cue all the tears.

Nothing too fancy, but it’s a space we sure love, and can’t wait to see Morgan grow into!

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