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October & November 2020 Recap

Like I mentioned in my Catching Up post, I’m pulling this out of my drafts and and giving it some final touches!

Here’s a rundown of what we did, and what we celebrated in October & November 2020:

Sweetest Day

I know Sweetest Day is a Hallmark Holiday, but any excuse to celebrate LOVE – Count me in. We celebrated Sweetest Day with a breakfast casserole and bellinis. It was delicious!

Out & About

Our friend Scott was in town for a few days from Florida, so we went to Third Eye Brewing and met him for a couple beers out on their patio. Morgan went to town on a pickle while Mama & Dada enjoyed a couple craft brews.

Miscarriage and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

October 15th is National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. In honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, grieving parents all around the world light a candle at 7 p.m. in their respective time zones to create a wave of light around the world in memory of babies lost to pregnancy and infant loss.

7 Months

We dressed up Morgan the weekend that she turned 7 months old and took her down the street to a cute spot in our neighborhood for her monthly photos. Click HERE for the full album.

At the 7 month mark, she was sitting up completely on her own and working hard on crawling!


Morgan dressed up as Minnie Mouse for her first Halloween! We did not trick or treat, but we did stop by both of Morgan’s grandparents houses for a visit.

…and this is where things started going downhill.

I woke up slightly congested on Halloween but I simply thought it was allergies. The weather was switching from warm to cold every other day, and I’m no stranger to seasonal (more like, all the time) congestion. The next day I felt worse, and the day after that, worse still. I ended up losing my voice, like I always do when taking cold medicine, but I also suffered from body aches. It didn’t take long for both Morgan and Justin to develop the same symptoms, although they both had low fevers as well.

The girl who doesnt typically snuggle, was a super snuggler while sick.

Misc. October Photos

Misc. November Photos

November was a month of what felt like non-stop sickness in our house. 3 Fridays in a row, Morgan came home from the sitter with a runny nose. It’s so hard to tell if she has a lingering cold or if it’s teething, but the poor girl had lots of Tylenol and Motrin to keep her comfortable.

8 Months

The day before she turned 8 months old (11/20) she started OFFICIALLY crawling!! She really perfected the act that weekend, too, fearlessly crawling clear across the room. (CRAP, time to baby proof the house!)

As far as purees go, she has been eating SO much better for the sitter than she does at home. We have found that she hates carrots, but loves some of the organic store-bought pouches. Banana, Raspberry & Oat was a big hit! It’s rare that she will eat purees for me at home, so we started trying more of the “Baby Led Weaning” method, and giving her tiny pieces of things that we are eating during meal times. She has tried all sorts of foods in tiny pieces such as broccoli, strawberries, blueberries, pasta, eggs and avocado. Her favorite, though, are puffs and melties. In the last week or two she has developed a deep love for hummus, and to no surprise, she will eat chocolate ice cream every single time it’s offered to her.

Besides solids 1-2x per day, she is still exclusively drinking breast milk. I have to applaud myself for still pumping, because I truly cannot believe I have made it 8 months! I did notice that when we were all sick and I was taking cold medicine, my supply plummeted. I was panicking. Thankfully, with a ton of water, blue Gatorade, Body Armor drinks, oatmeal, nuts, dried apricots (I was pulling out ALL the stops!) it came back up! I’m now pumping about 25-29 oz. per day, keeping right on track with what she’s drinking. We have tried introducing formula but still it is a HARD NO from Morgan. Any tips?!!

The full 8 months album can be found HERE.


Thanksgiving looked a little different this year. Instead of traveling to Chicago with my family like we planned on, we all ended up celebrating at home by ourselves, in hopes we would all be healthy enough to get together on Christmas. Not to mention, the Petes were still not feeling our best, and we didn’t want to risk spreading anything to our loved ones.


On December 2nd, I decided while I was grocery shopping at Kroger that I would get the Rapid Covid-19 Antibodies test. And whatta-ya-know… it was Positive.

The Dr. at the Little Clinic said I had it 2+ weeks ago (but did not currently), which lined up perfectly with when my symptoms began. Both she and Morgan’s pediatrician said it was safe to assume that all 3 of us had it. She said we could get Morgan tested at Children’s if we wanted, but the treatment wouldn’t be any different than the Tylenol & Motrin we had already been giving her, and at this point her symptoms were gone so they weren’t concerned.

To me, this just goes to show that even when you stay home as much as humanly possible, you can still get it. Personally, I know I got it from work. Thankfully, we didn’t have any extreme symptoms beyond the typical cold/flu symptoms, other than the loss of taste & smell toward the end of it. By the end beginning of December, we were all feeling completely back to normal and grateful to have survived COVID!

…December & January Recaps coming soon!!

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