First Anniversary Weekend

This past weekend, Justin & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! I can hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by.  Since that magical day, we have traveled to Las Vegas, Florida, the Bahamas, Chicago, and Norris Lake.  We have celebrated so many wonderful things, but also had to leap over some unthinkable hurdles, growing stronger as a result.  I love you so much, Justin, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

Now that the mushy stuff is out of the way, let’s recap the weekend.

On Friday, Justin treated me to dinner at a super nice restaurant near our home, Jag’s Steak & Seafood. It was INCREDIBLE.  They have, hands down, the best filet mignon I have ever tasted.  We both got the Big Oscar Filet which was topped with king crab, lobster, shrimp and hollandaise.  Actually, I  had ordered the filet & scallops but this was brought out by mistake.  It tasted like heaven, so I was a-ok with the “mistake”!  They gave us each a complimentary slice of cheesecake to take home, too.  For my readers who are local, I highly recommend Jag’s for your next special occasion!

We took our cheesecake home after dinner and we exchanged gifts.  We decided to stick with the “traditional” wedding gifts, so year 1 is PAPER.

I made this for Justin & had it printed at my local Kinkos. A photo from our first dance, with the lyrics to our first dance song.  The frame was used to house our seating chart at our wedding!
Justin had this made for me.  It’s the sound waves of our first song. 

Great minds? Or, great song?  🙂

After the exchange we quickly got changed and headed over to my brother’s girlfriend’s parents home.  My brother proposed!  We missed the actual popping-of-the-question since we were at dinner, but we still got to celebrate with them for a while afterwards.

Saturday was our actual anniversary.  We woke up and did a TON of cleaning, no not super fun, but our house needed it!  Later in the afternoon we headed to our friends’ daughter’s first birthday party.  When we left, we swung in Bath and Body Works to stock up on all the delicious fall candles that were on sale, and then to my mom’s to pick up our wedding cake that was in her freezer!


Justin had one bite and said it tasted like chemicals (what chemicals?). I thought it tasted fine, but super, super sweet from all the buttercream icing. We spent the rest of the night watching Netflix & just hanging out, enjoying each other’s company with the scent of our delicious fall candles wafting through the air!

On Sunday, we watched our Bengals WIN, and chowed down on Skyline 3-Ways.

Overall, I’d say we had a great anniversary weekend. I still can’t believe we have been married for AN ENTIRE YEAR!  I guess it’s true what they say, time flies when you’re having fun! 


View our complete wedding album here.

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