Recent Reads & Reviews – March 2019

I have been doing quite a bit of reading recently, and wanted to share my thoughts!

Verity by Colleen HooverVerity by Colleen Hoover.  This book was mind-blowing. Dark and twisted, and, as an avid Colleen Hoover fan, it is so so much different than all of her other work. But I AM SO HERE FOR IT.  The story follows Lowen, who accepts a job as a ghost writer for well known author, Verity Crawford. She has to sort through years of notes and outlines in order to finish the remaining books of a series.  She finds more than she bargains for when she comes across Verity’s autobiography – one she never anticipated anyone would read.

A Simple Favor: A Novel by [Bell, Darcey]

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell.
A friend recommended this movie to me (which stars Blake Lively & Anna Kendrick), and I happened to stumble across that it’s based on a book! We ended up watching the movie before I read the book (while I was recuperating from surgery) but I’m so glad I still finished the book. There’s SO many differences, and overall more details in the book that make the story more captivating.  If you’re a fan of Gone Girl twisted-mystery-type stories, you’ll love this.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. If you were as big a fan of Girl, Wash Your Face as I was, this is another must-read for you.  The “sequel,” if you will, dives into more lies and misconceptions that too often hold us back from living joyfully and productively.  “Your pal  Rach” is 100% honest, raw, and motivating, and I love that her writing style feels as if she’s talking directly to you as a friend.  All in all, she encourages you stop apologizing for who you are meant to be – and I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t sometimes need that reminder.

100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self

100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self by Annie F. Downs I am only about half way through this one, since it will take 100 days to finish, but I honestly look forward to waking up every day and reading the next passage. It’s like I’m starting my day with my best foot forward. There have been a couple days when I’ve forgotten, and it felt like my whole day was off until I got home that evening and could catch up.  The book does have a religious base, but I am fine with that, as I can always use a reminder that God is good, and He’s molding me into who I am meant to be.  I think I’ve established a new daily habit, and will definitely be picking up another daily devotional book when I’ve finished this one.

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What are you reading? Your girl always appreciates recommendations, so drop yours below!

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