January Recap

Is it just me, or did January FLY BY?! I can hardly believe I’m writing this recap already. This also means that there are only 8ish weeks of pregnancy left. WHAT!?

Here’s what The Petes were up to this month!

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+ (1/11/20) We kicked off the month with a 3D/4D Ultrasound at Becoming Mom (my Christmas gift from Justin!) to see our sweet girl. It was truly the most amazing experience ever! She liked to keep her hand and her knee up by her face, but we still managed to get a few good photos.  My mom went with us, and all 3 of us were teary-eyed.


+ (1/18/20) Justin & I took an All-Day Childbirth class. It was super informative, and I loved the instructor! We also got a tour of the hospital to help ease our minds and show us exactly where to go on D-Day.

+ (1/17/20 – 1/21/20) We made some major progress on the nursery this weekend! We picked out some decor from Hobby Lobby as well as made a few things of our own. We are still on the hunt for a couple of pieces, but I’m hoping to wrap up soon and give you guys a dedicated Nursery Tour post before the baby arrives!

(Planning on making something on the Cricut for the blank sign.)
The cutest little mobile from Pottery Barn.
This sign will be hung above her crib. Justin found it on Etsy, and then stained/painted it himself.

+ This month I have officially been at my job for 5 years! If you didn’t already know, my day job consists of accounting & marketing tasks for a local general contracting company.

+ In not-so-exciting news, I came down with a stomach bug that knocked me out for about a week. I’ll speak more on that in my next pregnancy update, but know that it was BRUTAL.

+ On 1/31 we celebrated my friend Brittany’s 30th birthday with a hibachi dinner at Kabuto, followed by gambling at Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg. I put $5 in a penny slot machine, and quickly turned it into $74. I gambled with my winnings the rest of the night, and still walked out ahead $80! I call that a win!

What I’m looking forward to in February:

  • My 2 Baby showers! One with friends this coming weekend and one with family the following weekend.
  • Finishing the nursery! It’s coming along SO cute and I can’t wait to share every detail!

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