Latest Cricut Crafts

Good afternoon!

I just wanted to pop on really quickly and share a couple of fun Cricut projects we made recently before I forget!

For the Nursery:

Is there a more accurate quote for our girl? She is our miracle.


Growth chart that is hanging in baby’s Nursery.

Meeting Rose Lavelle:

The shirt I wore!
The onesie we made for Rose to sign. We framed it and it’s hanging above baby Morgan’s dresser. See photo above.

Christmas Gifts:

I made two of these mugs for girls gift exchanges I was in (one for friends and one for family).
I made these water bottles for my cousins. For Brett, the Moeller High School logo, for Micah, the Badin High School logo, and for Elizabeth, her sorority letters.
I made a ton of various vinyl decals to stick on packages, as well as some gift tags. This was just one of my favorites!
These are the water bottles wrapped!
My mom loves Snoopy, so I bought this stocking from Pottery Barn and downloaded the Peanuts font to personalize it with the baby’s name.


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