Pregnancy, Pregnancy loss

Coming Full Circle

One year ago today (2-22-19) Justin & I were rushing back to the OB’s office in sobs with an ache in our heart that we didn’t want confirmed.

“I’m sorry,” we were told.

We had lost our third baby… Our, “third time’s a charm!” baby.

Our world had come crashing to a halt, AGAIN.  We were dizzy – when would this sickening roller coaster ride end?


We opted to have chromosomal testing done again on our baby’s remains, and determine the cause of the loss.  We found out that Baby #3 had Trisomy 9 (an extra 9th chromosome) and was another boy.  Two angel sons.

Fast forward through compounded heartache, grief, and stress, and here we are. 365 days later, we anxiously await the arrival of our wildly acrobatic baby girl. FINALLY.

Now, I hate to get all philosophical, but I truly believe that everything in life happens for a reason. We suffered through two years of pain and heartbreak so that one day we would appreciate every aspect of parenthood – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It sure is weird seeing your life come around full circle. Re-reading my posts from last year remind me of the dark and lonely place I was in. It’s not a journey I would ever wish for someone else, but it’s our journey, and I’m thankful.

To our sweet babies we lost: We love you and we never stop thinking about you. We wonder what you would look like, and who you would grow up to be. We plan on telling Morgan all about her three angel siblings (or perhaps you’ve already met!) and just how much we wished and prayed for a family.

THANK YOU for sending us our miracle daughter. We promise to love and cherish her always.



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