After our morning ultrasound, we had both planned on going in to work.  I knew there was no way I would be productive at work after hearing news like this, so I told my boss I would not be in.  Justin decided to work from home because he has that amazing luxury, but mostly to keep me company.

We spent the day crying (okay, mostly I did) and frantically Googling everything under the sun to try and make sense of the news we had just received.  And 4 days later, we still are.  We are reading many success stories, but also many miscarriage stories.  The odds really do seem to be 50/50, as there are so many unknowns.

I haven’t had any severe cramping or bleeding, KNOCK ON WOOD, and I still feel very much pregnant.  My boobs are so sore, my face continues to break out, and I still fall asleep at 7:30 pm.  For now, all we can do is continue to pray.  Maybe our baby bean is just a tiny little fighter!

I’ve prescribed myself lots of rest this weekend.  I need to keep my stress levels down, and keep this bean a-cookin’.   Update you all after the next ultrasound!

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