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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here (although it flipping snowed yesterday in Cincinnati!) and I’ve got the urge to purge, and do some spring cleaning in our home. I LOVE the feeling of organization and there are a few areas that the husb and I have wanted to tackle.


Justin is a hoarder collector of pint glasses.  You know, the 16-oz beer glasses. We have a couple of Rubbermaid bins in our basement FULL of them, that we eventually want to figure out a cool way to display. Up until a couple weeks ago, we also had probably 2 1/2 – 3 dozen of them in our kitchen cabinets. He would say the same about me and my water bottles (hey, I like to stay hydrated!) so one Saturday afternoon we took everything out of these cabinets and evaluated what we needed, what could be tossed (like 11 of the 12 Cyclebar bottles) and what could be put into storage (all but 3-4 pint glasses!).  Now every glass/cup actually has its own space in the cabinet, instead of spilling out when we open the cabinet door.

Our fridge is also another focus area of the kitchen.  I don’t eat condiments (seriously, basically none besides salad dressing) so it’s important for us to check the expiration dates and toss what’s been in there a while. Way too many times, Justin has used a little bit of something, only to find out a week or two later that it was expired, by an embarrassing amount of months.  We are also notorious for packaging up leftovers and never eating them.  Time to toss everything that is old, take out everything and give the shelves and drawers a good disinfecting wash, and then re-organize.


As I am getting my Spring clothes out of storage and putting them into my closet, a good rule of thumb is: If I didn’t wear it last summer, I’m probably not going to wear it this summer.  If I didn’t like how it fit, or the color wasn’t quite “me,” get rid of it.  I love to shop and buy new things, so I need to get rid of the old in order to bring in the new.  My favorite place to donate is ThredUp*! You can request a bag for free, fill it with your gently-used name brand clothing items, and leave it for the mailman.  So easy! You get a breakdown of everything they kept, and exactly how much you earned for each piece.  I love using the payout as a credit toward future ThredUp purchases.  Lately, I’ve found some super cute tops for work!
*This is my affiliate link.  Get $10 off your first purchase when you use it!

If the item isn’t in great shape, or a non-clothing item, we donate it to Goodwill.  Last week alone, I filled up 6 garbage bags full of items to donate (mostly old pillows, sheets & towels)! Since our wedding registry allowed us to upgrade these items, there is no need to keep the old.  Time to give them to someone who can get more use out of them!


Next on my Spring Cleaning To-Do List is cleaning out my car.  I just took it for an oil change and tire rotation (which is also super important to keep up on!) last week,  but I still need to clean the exterior and the interior with a vacuum and antibacterial wipes.  I’m just waiting for ol’ Mother Nature to give me a warm Spring afternoon!


What are your top Spring Cleaning priorities?  Are you as anxious for warm, Spring weather as I am?

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