Loving Lately, Vol. 5 – HAIR

A little over two years ago, for the first time ever, I chopped off 9 inches of my super long hair and donated it to Children With Hair Loss.  Two months after that, I got engaged, and began growing it out again so I’d have long, silky hair for my wedding day.  Fast forward to now, and with the help of my prenatal vitamins, my hair grew insanely long yet again, and last night I took the plunge…

SIX INCHES GONE. Aaaah!   #NewHairWhoDis

Here’s a few of my favorite haircare products that I can’t live without, and help keep my mane looking its best.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo – In the past couple years, I’ve developed a sensitive scalp, so I’ve had to be more mindful of the haircare products that I use from start to finish.  No longer is the $.99 drug store junk my shampoo of choice. I am opting for better quality products!  Redken Color Extend Magnetics is one of my favorites because it is super gentle on my scalp, while also protecting my color (I also love the Pureology Strength Cure line, but don’t love the price point. Redken you can find on sale, Pureology you cannot!). The matching conditioner is okay, but I prefer something more for frizz-taming, like Redken Frizz Dismiss.

Leave-In Conditioner Spray with Heat Protectant –  This is an absolute MUST HAVE for me, and my favorites are the Redken One United, It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In, and Pureology Color Fanatic. All three of these work extremely well at making my wet hair brushable, tangle-free and soft.  I love that it protects my hair from all the heat styling, and keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy.  I typically buy whichever of these I can find on sale at Ulta, Amazon, or at my salon.

Wet Brush – I am the type of girl who has to brush her hair right after the shower, no matter how damaging that may be.  The good news is, the Wet Brush makes that process much less painful, since the bristles are very bendable, and don’t pull.

Smoothing Cream – Before I blow dry, I like to add a little dollop of product to help smooth and de-frizz my hair.  I have lots of natural wave and texture, which I don’t typically embrace.  I got this Bumble & Bumble All-Style for Christmas and I have been loving it!  It tames the wild frizz well, and also adds more heat protection. My stylist used the Redken Diamond Oil Blow Dry on my freshly-cut tresses last night, so that’s next on my list to try when I’ve used up my B&B.


What’s your favorite haircare product? Have you ever donated your hair, or made a drastic change with your color or cut?  Leave a comment below!

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