Loving Lately, Vol. 4

Why hello, and Happy Friday!

With everything I’ve endured over the past few months, I feel like I’ve earned the right to invest in myself a little bit, and upgrade my skincare and makeup game.  My face was a total MESS during my stressful pregnancy, and I’m happy to say it’s FINALLY almost back to normal.

Here’s a few things that have helped me love  my complexion again, in the order that I apply them.

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Cleanser – Exfoliate & Refine – This cleanser has been a staple in my shower since December, when a friend recommended it to me. It has a soft, whipped texture, but also some exfoliating beads. It really feels like it’s giving my face a good, deep clean when I use it.  I also LOOOOVE the L’Oreal Clay Masks as well, (this one being my favorite) and I like to use them once or twice a week in the evening to combat oil and breakouts.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray – I’m probably late to the game on this one, but this stuff is HEAVEN.  I love using this after I cleanse my skin, and to prep for makeup. It’s superfine mist feels so refreshing, and cooling on the skin.  I love use it in place of a toner in my skincare regime, and it works wonders for taming my oily skin.  It also works well as a makeup setting spray!  I used almost an entire travel bottle in Florida, spritzing it all over my sunburn, because it really soothed my irritated skin!  This stuff is just so versatile. I prefer the Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea over the traditional Rose Water spray, but I just ordered the Lavender one to try too.  I have a feeling the lavender is going to be perfect before bedtime.

Origins GinZing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer – I got this as part of a sample kit from Ulta, and holy cow! I’m upset I didn’t know about this sooner. I love the gel formula (again, perfect for oily skinned gals), it smells like citrus, and it has a cool, almost tingly feeling when applied.  I don’t know that it gives me energy, per se, but it definitely makes my face feel awake and refreshed. I’ll probably buy a full size when I run out of the sample, and I want to try the eye cream too!  A similar version from the drug store is this one from Clean & Clear.  It doesn’t have the delicious citrus smell, but it is still that cooling, gel formula that I like.

New makeup products I’m trying out:

NYX Worth the Hype Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara – This reminds me a lot of everyone’s old favorite, Loreal’s Voluminous Mascara, minus the super wet formula. The brushes almost are identical, and I love a fat, natural-bristle brush when it comes to my mascara wand.  It really does what it says, and makes my natural lashes look long and voluminous! Perfect for those of us who aren’t a fan of wearing falsies.

TooFaced Hangover Primer – I’m typically not a primer girl (I know, I know, breaking a cardinal rule of basic makeup application), mostly because I don’t like that silicone-y feeling.  It’s soft, but something about it makes me feel like I’m applying oil straight to my face. This TooFaced Hangover Primer, however, is different.  It’s white, and feels just like a light moisturizer, with none of that gross silicone texture. It’s infused with coconut water, and smells like a pina colada!  It really helps my makeup cling to my skin all day, paraben-, phalate-, and sulfate-free, and great for all skin types.
What are some of your skincare and makeup favorites?  Drop a comment below – I’d love to check them out! 🙂





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