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October Birthday Celebrations & Halloween

October (and actually November, too!) is a busy month of birthdays in my family. My mom’s is the 13th, my dad’s is the 25th, and Rudy’s is the 27th!

We sang to Rudy on his birthday after dinner, and Morgan was having a field day. I think this was the first time she kind-of understood. She smiled as Justin and I sang, and then broke out in a song of her own!

“Hap- Happy Bee-Uh, RuRu!”

To celebrate my mom and dad, we planned a family dinner on the 30th to celebrate. We went to Cartridge Brewing in the King’s Mills area, and it was delicious!! Great food (I got the fish & chips with sweet potato waffle fries) and even better company.

Morgan was having too much fun running around the restaurant to eat any of her dinner, but she sure sat still when it was time for dessert!

On Halloween, we practiced Trick-or-Treating in the morning and then prayed that Morgan would take a good nap. She did! After she woke up we made our rounds, visiting Justin’s parents and my parents and grandparents to show off her costume. We had a little peepee mishap in the car on the way, but nothing a change of pants couldn’t fix! LOL #Parenthood!

She is a big fan of Molly, my grandparents dog! Now any time we talk about Momo & Papa, Morgan says “Moll-yee?!”

After we got home, it was time for Trick-or-Treating! We set up our bowl of candy with a note, and ventured off around the neighborhood. Both Justin and I expected Morgan to be interested for maybe a handful of houses and want to go home. Boy, were we wrong!

This girl was a PRO at Trick-or-Treating. She made it around our whole block, and ended up with quite the loot! Sometimes she would try to say Trick-or-Treat, which was mostly “Treat!” but other times she was shy. I reminded her to say thank you to everyone, to which she would respond with “Shanks.” She was especially excited when houses handed her packs of M&Ms, and she even shouted, “EM’s!!!”

There was one house in the neighborhood that was decorated pretty scarily, but Morgan held my hand and approached the house anyway. As we walked away, she was shaking her head saying “scary” as though she was saying, I’m not scared, Mama!

Our little dog dog had so much fun! Justin and I definitely shed a couple of tears talking about how proud of her we are.

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