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April & May 2021 Wrap-Up

Hi friends! Welcome back!

These last two months flew right on by like the rest of 2021 has so far, so I wanted to jump on today and just quickly recap what we were up to in April & May.

Without any adieu–


Justin and I are both fully vaccinated with the COVID-19 Moderna Vaccine. We had our first shots April 1st, and I truly did not have any symptoms besides a super sore arm. Justin ran a low-grade fever and had chills, and felt run down for a day or two. We had our second shots on April 29th, and that dose was much worse. We both felt like we had been hit by a truck the following day. He again, had a low-grade fever and chills, while I struggled with big time body aches. Luckily, we got our shots on Thursday so I was able to take off on Friday and rest (we still sent Morgan to her sitter!). The hardest part for me, which I hadn’t at all anticipated, was how reminiscent the feelings were to my miscarriages. The body aches were so intense, and felt exactly like the body aches I endured post-surgery, a side effect of the anesthesia.

Now, let’s just help that being fully vaccinated will help my sense of smell return. Oof.

Easter 2021

We celebrated Easter with our families at our home. Morgan got FOUR Easter baskets (that bunny sure likes to spoil her!) and spent almost the whole day outside since the weather was beautiful.

More photos HERE.

Rowan’s Birthday

We celebrated our friend Rowan’s 4th Birthday! Ashley sure knows how to throw a party! There was a petting zoo in addition to the chickens they already have on their farm. Morgan was in heaven chasing the animals & indulging in all the sweet treats. It was a party truly fit for a princess, but my little princess accidentally ruined her attire on the drive to the party. LOL

Full Album HERE.

Reds Game

Morgan experienced her first Reds game! I was able to snag my company’s Champions Club tickets for the May 1st game versus the Chicago Cubs. We took my parents and we all had a blast!

Full Album HERE.

Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, all the women in my family went to brunch at Maplewood Kitchen. The food was great, and the company even greater. These women are without a doubt, the strongest, most badass, most loving, amazing role models ever. I feel honored to have brought another beautiful girl into this family.

First Sleepover

Morgan had her first ever sleepover at my Mom’s on the 22nd of May. Justin and I had a wedding to attend (Congratulations, Jake & Rachel!) and my mom kept her overnight so we could have a good time. Mom took her to visit Momo & Papa (Morgan’s GREAT Grandparents) and gave her her very first ice cream cone.

Naturally, I didn’t sleep very well at all and I was up at 6 AM texting mom to check in on them. She slept like an angel, and I arrived at my mom’s at 7:30 AM with donuts as a thank you. Mom had to wake her up just before I got there, and then when we got home she took a 3 HOUR NAP! Girlfriend was exhausted. She clearly had a good time!


On May 24th, Justin and I took the day off and took Morgan to the Cincinnati Zoo for the first time! She loved seeing all the animals. She lasted about 3.5 hours before falling asleep in her stroller. We already can’t wait to go back and explore the other half of the zoo that we didn’t get to during that trip.

Memorial Day

We celebrated Memorial Day weekend by spending time with friends, a trip to the park, her first parade (Mt. Healthy’s Memorial Day Parade) and a trip to the Dairy Bar with Grandma & Grandpa Peterson. A fun-filled weekend for sure!

Misc. 13 & 14 Month Updates

Morgan found a new love for Costco’s Berry Smoothie! I got one after shopping one day and that’s all it took for her to master drinking through a straw!

The girl loves to go shopping at Costco, TJ Maxx, and Kroger. Really, anything to get out of the house! 🙂

We set up Morgan’s house from my aunt at my mom’s and she’s in love with it!

This pic was too funny not to share. She loves Mimi’s house plants! lol

We spent LOTS and LOTS of time outside!

And last but certainly not least, after almost 13 months, I packed up all of my breastfeeding & pumping supplies. Two big totes full of pumps, accessories, bras, etc. It is bittersweet, but also – Sayonara!

Side note: Should I do a post about my breastfeeding/pumping journey? Drop a comment below and let me know!

Thanks for catching up with us! As always, be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for daily updates and endless Morgan content!

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