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7 Weeks with Morgan

I’m not going to lie – this post originated as “Morgan’s First Month.”  However, I have quickly come to learn that Mom Life is pretty demanding, and after this post sat for weeks with no progress, now here we are! 🙂

I’ll probably say this at least a thousand times throughout this post, but I seriously cannot believe that I have a SEVEN WEEK OLD BABY. Like, HOW?! If you missed our Birth Story, be sure to check it out! Time is seriously flying, even in quarantine.

Here’s just a not-so-quick recap of how things have been with our sweet girl at home, equipped with a thousand photos. Settle in, because this is a long one!

WEEK ONE (March 21-27)

Right after we brought Morgan home, my mom came over and brought Rudy back to us (she watched him while we were in the hospital). Justin took a blanket and a hat outside for Rudy to smell before entering the house. He ran inside and ran to me first, completely ignoring the baby for the most part except for a couple sniffs. Rudy being disinterested was the outcome we totally expected, but I still sobbed and sobbed as I watched them “meet” each other for the first time.

60669279501__69659DC0-26F8-4D90-9D3D-DE89E8E548D8 2
Right after we brought her home from the Hospital.

The first week home was slightly rough.  We were all learning how to function as a family of four, while I was also recovering from major surgery. We were sleep deprived, with our emotions in overdrive. So many times, that first night especially, we both would just stare at our sweet girl in awe, tears streaming down our faces, amazed that we created such a perfect, healthy baby.

My body was super sore, not only at my incision site, but I was achy all over from the anesthesia, and learning how to maneuver myself with separated, non-existent ab muscles.  Much like I had with a giant, pregnant belly, I had to hurl myself out of bed or off the couch with a bit of momentum from my arms.  My incision was purple and bruised, pretty gross looking. The first shower was extremely scary. For those unfamiliar, when recovering from a C-section you’re instructed not to wash the incision directly, but rather let the soap and water just run down over it. It sounds crazy, but I felt like I couldn’t stand up straight. My incision felt really tight, and felt even worse as it dried. I definitely sobbed through those first couple of showers.



In my robe, because I couldn’t fathom “real clothes” after that first shower.

My milk did not come in until later that week (Wednesday, 3/25), so we continued to feed her formula while I attempted to pump even tiny bits of colostrum. Having your milk let down is the strangest feeling! Suddenly my breasts felt engorged and hard as rocks, and I knew I needed to feed or pump. Once the milk began flowing, Morgan took to breastfeeding like a champ.

Baby’s first bath at home. PS – Didn’ you know – Eye bags are a part of the Mom uniform.

Morgan had her first pediatrician appointment on 3/26 (her due date!) and she did well, despite both peeing on the scale while being weighed, and pooping on the doctor while she took her temperature. LOL.  She weighed only 6 lbs. 15 oz., so the doctor advised us to feed her more frequently until she reaches her birth weight. We were instructed to come back in a week for another weight check. When we got home, we gave her her first bath. (Perfect timing to also wash off the germs from the doctor’s office!)

Morgan’s due date, March 26th, was also supposed to be the Reds opening day. While that didn’t happen this year due to the Coronavirus, we did still dress her up for the occasion!


Proud Daddy right there!

My mom came over a couple of times during our first week to help out and bring us meals. The pediatrician in the hospital instructed us to limit visitors to only those who could also provide a benefit to me. My mom helped feed and change Morgan, since I wasn’t very mobile yet!

A very excited Mimi!

I think we took a photo of every single outfit she wore this week… 😉E600905F-4D63-4096-B1B6-FC970046D932


Our rainbow girl!

Justin’s family came over on Morgan’s one week birthday to meet her. They ooh’ed and aah’ed over how pretty she was, and said she’s much smaller she is in person than in photos!

I fed Morgan a bottle while Justin’s family was visiting.
Baby’s first “official” photoshoot! This girl will be no stranger to the camera.
So sad, yet so cute!

WEEK TWO (March 28 – April 3)

Morgan had her second pediatrician appointment this week, and this time her weight was up to 7 lbs. 3 oz. Again, she was still not up to her birth weight, so they instructed us to feed her more frequently. That same day, Justin fed her a bottle earlier than normal, and she projectile vomited all over the both of them, the couch, the blanket, and the 3 TV remote controls. LOL! From that moment on, we decided we wouldn’t “force” Morgan to eat more frequently than she wants to, and let her call the shots! #BossyPants

60738656666__25369A46-7F87-4E23-8058-8D9BF7F84778 260770790582__1CC30636-6C0E-4913-B16B-9C29D80D5E6B 2

60770837049__D3AEDD8F-DF38-47A9-89DE-398D7E568C6F 2
Auntie Bebe sent her these new hats with beautiful bows on them!

60770870737__7A9A849E-8F65-4185-AC29-564900591C53 2

IMG_5725 2
Sleeping Beauty!

We also took our first walk as a family of 4!

IMG_2920 2

WEEK THREE (April 4 – April 10)

She’s official! We got her Social Security Card and Birth Certificate in the mail this week.

E0381727-BE87-4D58-9F0F-341064897028We are continuing to work on our brother/sister relationship. Rudy still is not sure about her.


60798648133__2882CFD9-7F3A-436D-9666-C08A85FED411Everyone tells us, “She’s so alert!” but for us, we don’t know any different. Are most babies way sleepier? Our girl must be nosy, because she loves being awake and checking everything out. She’s always afraid she might miss something!

IMG_5803This week we started playing with our Taggie animals. She likes to pretend nurse on her lamby, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Speaking of breastfeeding, I met my first goal of 3 weeks! Ever since my milk came in, she has only had to have formula twice. I’m pumping a lot, so that Justin can feed her also. Plus, it’s easier to gauge how much she is eating from a bottle, rather than the breast.


WEEK FOUR (April 11 – April 17)

Morgan had her third visit to the pediatrician this week. She is up to 8 lbs. 5 oz. which is great! They wanted to see about an oz. per day her first month, and she has gained 18 oz. in 19 days, which is just about perfect! She started developing baby acne this week, which I feel absolutely horrible about. It doesn’t bother her or anything, it just doesn’t look pretty. The doc is not concerned though, and from what friends have said, it will subside in a couple weeks on its own.


We broke out the Baby Bjorn carrier this week as a last ditch effort one night when she was fussing. It worked like a charm! She loved riding in it with Daddy, and did so multiple times this week!

Our friends Scott and Jenna sent Morgan a care package which included some adorable headbands. You know Mommy had to try one on immediately!

I finally feel back to “normal” this week. My midsection is a heck of a lot more jello-y than it has ever been, but the pain and swelling has subsided.  I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. Clark this week — over the phone to minimize exposure.  She asked how I was feeling and how my incision looks, which I think it looks amazing! She cleared me to resume normal life activities, including sex and exercise.


Her scrunchy nose is my FAVORITE!

WEEK FIVE (April 18 – April 24)

This week Morgan started “dancing!”  Justin yelled upstairs for me one day, and I came flying down to find him dancing outside her pack n’ play. He would dance for a few seconds and then point to her: “Now, you do!”  She smiled, and started kicking her legs and waving her arms wildly. I couldn’t believe it – this tiny baby is responding!  We continue to do that nearly every time she wakes up during the day. She loves it, and hasn’t forgotten what to do!

She has also started to find her voice this week. We swear she yells “hi!” all the time, sometimes from her pack n’ play simply to let us know she’s not sleeping.

She also loves laying on her Daddy’s chest and drooling all over his shirt. She loves her Daddy so much!

On April 21st, Morgan turned ONE MONTH OLD! We had her one month pediatrician visit this day and she had to get a vaccine. Man, I have never seen her wail like that! Mommy was crying too. I couldn’t help it!

She is up to 8 lbs. 5 oz. this week and 21.5 inches long. She’s in the 22nd percentile for weight and 68th percentile for height. Girlfriend has some long leggies!

I snapped this on our way home from the pediatrician. Her face was so red from crying. My poor girl!


This sleeper was slightly too big on her, but it’s so cute I couldn’t resist!


By far, my favorite moment of this week was when Morgan met her GREAT grandparents!!! We were outside and 6 feet apart, but it sure felt good to see them. My grandma was crying as soon as she got out of the car, and kept saying how beautiful Morgan is.  This damn virus sucks. I truly cannot wait for them to be able to hold her. We love you, Momo & Papa!


WEEK SIX (April 25 – May 1)

Six weeks marks a couple of milestones for me. For one, I’ve made it to my second breastfeeding goal, and two, I started working out again! We have already been going on walks for weeks, but I started incorporating Beachbody videos in the basement.  I’m proud of my body and all that it has been through (not only in the last 9 months, but the last 2.5 years!), but it sure does feel different. I have no muscle mass left, and my midsection is 100% jello. On another note, the swelling in my hands finally went down, and I can wear my wedding rings comfortably again!

Morgan started responding to us more this week which has been really cool to see. She smiles back at us (NO it is NOT gas!), cries when Rudy’s barking startles her, and she even started giving us the “pouty lip” which is going to get her anything she wants. It’s so saddy, and so cute!!



I put Morgan in a dress that I wore at six weeks old, except on her it’s more of a shirt!

We also brought her owl bouncer downstairs this week so she has been loving hanging out in that!




WEEK SEVEN (May 2 – May 8)

Is it just me, or is time FLYING!? It has been 7 weeks already with this girl, and I’m still loving every second of parenthood. Well…except for last night when she shot a poop rocket across her room at 4 AM.  I didn’t love that so much!

This week we celebrated my 32nd birthday, and even amidst the quarantine, it was the best one yet. I finally got the birthday gift I have wished for, for so long!


Our sweet girl is up to 9 lbs. 5 oz. this week. She is still a master at the “pouty lip” and her little personality continues to develop a little more every day. I seriously don’t know how we have gotten so lucky to have the sweetest, sometimes a little sassy, beautiful baby girl in the world!



I might need eye cream and an extra dose of caffeine on the daily now, but I wouldn’t trade a single second of my day for one without her.

And of course, none of this would even be reality if it wasn’t first for our angel babies. ❤


I hope you all are staying healthy (and sane!) during this crazy pandemic. Thanks for reading this ridiculously long post, and I hope it has put a smile on your face!

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