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3 Months with Morgan

HOW is it, that my once teeny tiny newborn baby, is now THREE MONTHS OLD?!?!? (Insert all the crying emojis here!)

Seriously, you guys weren’t lying when you said time will fly by.  I’m afraid to blink – Before I know it we’ll be sending her off to Kindergarten.


As sad as I am that she won’t stay a newborn baby forever, it’s equally cool to see her little personality develop. She’s growing and learning new things every day. She’s so smart already, and of course, extremely beautiful. She has the perfect olive skin, the prettiest almond-shaped eyes (we think they will be blue!), and lots of brown hair that I love to dress with hair bows.


As of yesterday, 6/29 (Yes, it’s taken me 8 days to write this post. Give a mama a break!) Morgan is 11 lbs. 11 oz., 25 inches long. She’s wearing mostly 0-3/3-Month clothes, but it won’t be long before she needs bigger sleepers, solely for the length!


  • I’m as surprised as you are, but Morgan is still pretty much exclusively breast fed. All my life, I never had the desire to breastfeed, but once my milk came in (5 days after she was born) it started to become natural to me.  I mostly pump, because we are freaks about knowing how much she’s eating and whether or not it’s enough, but I still put her to the breast 1-2x per day. I think being in quarantine actually helped my breastfeeding journey, because we were always home and my boobs could always be out!
  • She’s typically eating expressed breast milk (we have only had to give her formula a handful of times since my milk came in), from Avent bottles.  They are supposedly “the closest to a real breast” as you can get, and Morgan has not had any nipple confusion with them.  In fact, she honestly probably prefers the bottle to the breast, because she doesn’t have to work as hard to get her milk. This theory stems back to her first few days of life, as she was fed by bottle in the hospital and until my milk came in.
  • Right now, she’s eating between 4-5 oz. most feedings, every 3 hours. I’m so grateful that the 3 of us have established a pretty good routine with her, and she hasn’t “cluster-fed” any.  She rarely fusses out of hunger because we try to stay ahead of the schedule.
  • Gas drops – These puppies are a lifesaver. Sometimes Morgan will go all day without going #2 and has some pretty significant gas pain. These have worked wonders for us and helped “get things moving” again every time.


  • Taking Cara Babies Newborn Class SAVED us.  My husband would disagree that it’s not worth the $75 price tag, but I think it was!  Morgan has been a GREAT sleeper since implementing her tips. (Cara has great FREE tips available on her Instagram, too!)
  • With the help from Cara, Morgan was sleeping through the night almost immediately. For the first 6-8 weeks I had to wake HER up at night between 3-4 AM for a feeding. After a certain point, waking her up became more of a hassle than it was worth. She would A) Be mad that I woke her, and B) only wake up enough to sleepily eat for a few minutes before falling back asleep on my breast. After a while it wasn’t worth it, and we knew she would wake US up when she was hungry, so we decided we’d just let her sleep!
  • At night time, she is still sleeping in her bassinet in our room. I know that she would probably be fine in her crib at night, but the overprotective Mom in me is just not ready to transition her out of our room yet! During the day she naps in her crib (another Cara tip: Start with one nap a day in her crib to get her used to it) or the pack n’ play in our living room.
  • On a “normal” night she will sleep from about 11 PM-7 AM. When she wakes, she typically doesn’t cry. She grunts as she tries to get her hands out of her swaddle, or starts jibber-jabbering to get our attention. Now that I am back at work 2.5 days a week, I have to wake her up at 6 AM on those days to feed her and get her ready to head out the door by 7.
  • During the day, we typically follow the EAT-PLAY-SLEEP method, and each “cycle” is about 3 hours. She will eat for 10-30 minutes, then play until we hit the 1-1.5 hour mark, and then sleep for 1.5-2 hours. Toward the end of the day, her naps get shorter, but I don’t mind! That’s typically when we get to spend the most time with her, and we want her to sleep well through the night!
  • Whenever she wakes, I like to ask her, “Did you wake up happy?” because she almost always starts smiling right away! She does the cutest little stretching routine, too. Justin has said for months that one of his favorite parts about being a dad is getting to say good morning to her so many times per day!
Waking up happy!
  • That being said, say a little prayer for us that we aren’t hit with the dreaded four-month sleep regression!
  • These Cloud Island sleepers from Target are my favorites. They’re so soft, and they zip from the bottom for easy diaper changes. The llama print is out of stock now, of course, but every night that she wears them we like to play the Ludacris rap of Llama Llama Red Pajama.


  • Finding her voice. She’s becoming quite the little chatterbox!
  • She’s very smiley and responds to us by smiling back. She also sticks her tongue out when we do it to her!
  • Using her hands. She’s getting better at gripping toys! She still wants to keep her thumb inside her fist, rather than outside, for some reason. She also doesn’t quite understand that she can’t fit both her hand AND her Wubba in her mouth at the same time, which sometimes makes her mad.
  • Tummy time & holding her head up. She’s making huge strides in holding her head up when shes sitting with us, or laying on a boppy pillow for tummy time. She still hates tummy time on the floor, though. When she’s at my mom’s she likes sitting in this caterpillar chair!
Hanging in my caterpillar at Mimi’s!
  • Laughing. Morgan started laughing with this dorky, overbite-looking laugh that was absolutely hysterical. Lately, though, she’s started with an aggressive “HA!” instead.
  • Most recently, Morgan found her toes!

It’s pretty amazing watching her grow stronger and smarter, literally every single day!


  • Swinging in her Fisher Price swing. She will watch her “friends” (the animals on the mobile) spin around and talk to them for as long as we let her. It’s the cutest thing!
  • Watching Golf on TV with Daddy. She always cheers for the female golfers during the Big Break marathons on Mondays.
  • Dancing. If Justin or I dance for a few seconds and then point to her and say, “Now you do!” she will smile super big and start flailing her arms and legs like a madwoman.
We took videos of her dancing to the OSU Fight Song & Hang On Sloopy!!
  • Going on walks. We took a LOT of walks while in quarantine, and are continuing to make them part of our evening routine!


  • Getting her diaper changed. Recently she has begun to fuss when we lay her down to change her diaper – not every time, but a lot. Luckily, her Wubba can soothe her pretty quickly to get the job done.
  • I’m not sure this is officially a “dislike” but more of an “indifference”Bathtime. She doesn’t scream and cry like she hates it, but she doesn’t love it either.
  • The Pool.  I took her to a private club pool where some of my family members belong, and even the teeniest dip of the toes had her wailing. We’re going to give it another try this weekend so wish us luck! 
She definitely was the cutest girl at the pool, though!

How Am I Doing?

I feel like I am doing pretty well. I love this sweet girl more than I ever could have imagined and being a mommy is truly the best job in the world.


After 13 weeks off, I went back to work part time mid-June.  It’s kind of nice getting to socialize with adults 2.5 days a week, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss her every second that I’m in the office. Thankfully, Morgan’s Mimi (my mom) is able to watch her throughout the summer, which eases the transition a bit. I get lots of photos and videos throughout the day!

Physically, I am undoubtedly squishier all around, and I have a couple stretch marks around my belly button, but for the most part I’m trying not to let it bother me. Luckily, I did not gain a ton of weight while pregnant, but I do still have a few pounds left to lose in order to fit comfortably in my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. The weight certainly doesn’t fall off as quickly as I wish it would! More importantly though, I am amazed and beyond grateful that my body was the vessel to grow the most perfect little girl. I hope that I’ll always appreciate that, and be proud of my c-section scar!

The biggest challenge since Morgan’s arrival so far is probably balancing it all. And likely, this is something I am going to struggle with for the rest of my life! 🙂 Like, how do you take care of a baby, pump your boobs, shower, clean the house, do all the laundry, exercise, socialize with friends and family, and take some “you time” all in a day? The answer: It’s impossible! Our house has been in a constant state of clutter for 12+ weeks now, and we are just now falling into a little bit of a rhythm.  As much as I love just staring at my sweet girl while she sleeps, I know that I need to use that time to get sh*t done!

She gives the best snuggles!

Products We Can’t Live Without

  • WubbaNub pacifiers – Morgan now has three. She has the pink owl & monkey for at home, and a giraffe for Mimi’s. They are just so cute and they eventually will help her to put the pacifier back in her mouth when it falls out.
  • Taggie Blanket – She loves her taggie! She giggles so hard when we tickle her face with the silky tags.
  • Sound Machine – This one is our favorite because it’s small and portable, and doesn’t turn off after 30-60 minutes. It will run continuously. Which is great, because her eyes open the second it turns off! The only downfall is when the batteries die in the middle of the night. Twice now, I’ve had to run around our house frantic at 4 AM looking for AAA batteries and a screwdriver before Morgan gets upset.
Hanging with her friends on the activity mat
  • Swing – We actually have two. Long story, but our original broke so Fisher Price replaced it, and then Justin was able to fix it, so we just gave one to my mom to keep at her house.  Definitely recommend Fisher Price though, super cute designs and great customer service if you end up having an issue!
  • Stroller – We have the UppaBaby CRUZ Stroller. Another hand-me-down from my Aunt, but we LOVE it! It rides smooth, and it’s super easy to fold up. The car seat clicks in effortlessly, too.
  • Stroller Fan – A MUST for our humid walks. This one is nice because it has a USB charger instead of batteries.
  • We put her in this Skip Hop Activity Center for the first time over the weekend, and she’s still a little small for it but we can already tell it’s going to be a favorite of hers for a long time!

Life as a new mom sure is hectic, but I promise to do my best to try and keep the blog content flowing!

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