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Morgan’s 4 Month Update & July Recap

JULY 2020

Hello there! Welcome back! Today I’m bringing you another exciting glimpse into our lives, and filling you in on what we’ve been up to this past month.

Morgan’s First Fourth of July

61549120450__C91DCF57-8660-4FAE-9216-FF9F28BC538B (1)

We kicked off our blazing hot July 4th weekend with a couple of small gatherings with friends. We went swimming on the 3rd, and surprisingly, Morgan didn’t hate the pool this time! She was still indifferent, but I’ll chalk that up as a win. She also took a poolside nap, which made for the cutest photo of all time.

On the 4th, we watched some neighborhood fireworks, which honestly rivaled a big fireworks show.

She looked so funny in the ear protection, but thankfully she didn’t mind wearing them!


I held Morgan in the baby carrier so I could quickly & easily soothe her if she freaked out. To my surprise, she did just fine and was actually sleeping toward the end!

The 5th was Morgan’s Auntie Becky’s birthday, so we had to dress her up for the occasion!

On the 11th, we hosted a couple of friends at our home for dinner. There were tacos & Margaritas for all, and Morgan had fun playing with her friends. #BabyLlamas

MLB FINALLY made its return this month! We had to dress up the for Opening Day. Can you believe Morgan was DUE on Opening Day (March 26th) and FOUR months later they’re finally playing?! Here’s a little comparison…

March 26 (due date) vs. July 26

This comparison…

A.) I have to laugh at how much Justin’s posture has changed. He’s much more comfortable now, and not worried that he might break her. LOL

Justin’s 38th birthday was the 29th of July.  We celebrated with pizza, as we traditionally do. This girl sure loves her daddy, and so do I!


Morgan’s 4 Month Milestones

  • At her checkup on the 22nd, she was 12 lbs. 2 oz. (11th percentile) and 25 inches long (73rd percentile).  The Doctor called her “long and lean” and confirmed what we already knew – she is progressing perfectly!IMG_7162
  • Even by the end of the month, her 3 month size shorts fall right off of her, but we’ve transitioned into 6 month size sleepers to accommodate her long legs!
  • Morgan has become a master at tummy time and holding her head up, and she has started to roll over this month. She has only done it unassisted a handful of times so far, but she is determined to get it down ASAP! Sometimes she even tries to crawl to get to her toys in front of her. IMG_6851
  • She babbles CONSTANTLY. It’s hysterical, and so cute!
  • Morgan prefers to hold thin or soft toys. Her lamby is her favorite and she legit misses it when she doesn’t see it all day.  I’ll tell her, “Give Lamby hugs” and she does!61651858394__37A75B4E-BDDB-4F02-B804-EFEF7D06976B
  • She’s getting teeth already! She had a meltdown one day when I got to my Mom’s to pick her up. After an hour of screaming bloody murder, we finally gave her Tylenol. My parents were laughing, and saying, “Back in our day, we would put a drop of whiskey on your gums!” and believe me, if I didn’t have Infant Tylenol handy I would have resorted to that too! Poor girl! Judge me if you want, but when my baby is in pain I will do anything to help her!

    4 Months is typically pretty early to be getting chompers, and I have a feeling that this won’t be her only “early” milestone!

  • Daddy experienced his first blowout. LOL
  • I bought her a Bumbo seat, and so far she is loving it! I figured it would be great for both feeding and playing.

Mommy & Morgan’s Cricut Creations

I sure put my Cricut machine to work this month! I started making some t-shirts for myself and Morgan, and a couple as gifts. Just something fun to keep busy! I’m considering starting an Etsy shop, or just selling Facebook for a little extra spending money. Let me know if you’d be interested!

IMG_7153 (1)Justin even made a couple of cute ones too! 

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