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This is 31

Happy Monday, and Happy Birthday to me!

I am turning 31 today– though not until 8:37 PM to be exact, so I guess technically I’m still 30! 😉

Last year I wrote this post recapping my twenties and the “dread” of entering my thirties. I had no idea that since then, God would throw me for TWO more loops, as we’d lose two more pregnancies, and force me to navigate through vicious grief without pulling the whole world down with me. I can confidently say that I am a smarter, stronger, and more driven woman than I was on this day one year ago. Maybe not by choice, but every day I make it through, proving to myself that I’m a goddamn WARRIOR. With the unending support of my husband, family & close friends, lots of prayer and several self-help books later – I am confident that God will send us a healthy baby when the timing is right.

Birthday Weekend Recap

Since my birthday fell on a Monday this year, we celebrated this weekend.  Luckily the rain held off on Friday, so we went to King’s Island for a few hours. Justin bought us season passes for our anniversary but this was our first visit of 2019.  We rode the new & improved Old Fashioned Cars, and a couple of roller coasters – my favorite being The Beast in the dark!

On Saturday, Justin participated in a golf outing (in support of a local family who has also been touched by pregnancy & infant loss) while I walked the Flying Pig kid’s race with my mom and the school where she teaches.  Saturday evening, we watched the Kentucky Derby with friends – all dolled up of course!  Then on Sunday, we had dinner at my parents house with my Mom & Dad, my brother, and my grandparents.


My mom made us Chicago-style fried tacos again this year. SO NOT diet friendly (though honestly we only eat them once a year!),  but definitely appropriate for Cinco de Mayo! I had a skinny margarita, and Justin had a few Coronas, then we topped it off with a cookie cake, brownies and ice cream!  Calories don’t count on your birthday! 🙂

Vanilla ice cream for the puppies, as promised!


Today, my mom surprised me at work and took me to lunch at Panera! 🙂

We both got the Strawberry Poppyseed Salad – our favorite!

For tradition’s sake, Justin gave me my birthday gifts early again this year, and the first was a CRICUT MACHINE!   I have wanted one for years, but we never felt that it was the right time to splurge on one. We have already made a few things this past week, but I am excited to make soooo much more! He got a bunch of different colors of vinyl, stencil paper, transfer paper, and the tool kit as well.


The first project was decals for our Yeti cups!

He also got me tickets to the Thomas Rhett concert in August, which I had been giving subtle hints about for a month now. 😉  He’s a pretty awesome gift-giver, that husband of mine!


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