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Health & Fitness Updates

Hello Everyone! And Happy Friday EVE!

Jumping on the blog for a sec to fill you in on a couple of health & fitness updates!

AdvoCare has brought back the coveted Pineapple Coconut Spark (one of my favorite flavors of all time!) and this time, with a friend! Rehydrate is now available too in the same delicious flavor.  Think, a Pina Colada that hydrates, gives you Vitamin-rich energy AND mental focus!

Click HERE to order, and click HERE to learn more about AdvoCare and why I love it! But hurry, these products are only available for a limited time!

pineapple coconut spark and rehydrate.PNG

I’m also on Day 5 of the 10 Day Cleanse and feeling ah-may-zing. We’re talking, way more energy and overall feeling lighter. cleanse day 1

We went to the Reds vs. Cubs game last night and cheated on our diet a smidge, but I’m not beating myself up about it. We can’t be 100% perfect!  But I CAN tell you for certain that for the next 6 days I will be super strict with cleanse-approved meals, lots of exercise, and my trusty supplements!


We’re only 6 days away until the hubs & I travel to Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation! Without a doubt, getting rid of this extra sludge will make me feel much, much better in a bikini.  Bring on the warm sunshine and poolside umbrella drinks!


What’s your favorite thing to do in Sin City? Best hotels to gamble, best restaurants to dine? We’d love to hear your recommendations!

Also drop me a line in the comments below or on any of my social media platforms if you have questions about AdvoCare! I’d love to help you reach those goals!


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