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Honeymoon – Part 2

We’re back from the Bahamas, with only slightly tanned skin.  It rained almost the entire trip, but we did manage to get two days of sunshine.  We spent as much time at the pool & beach as we could, enjoyed couples spa services, ate way too much food (hello, 11 restaurants!) and drank so many delicious mixed drinks.

The resort itself was beautiful, and managed by the friendliest staff.  The island is peaceful, and surrounded by the most beautiful, blue water.  We met several other vacationing couples (even a few from Columbus, Ohio! O-H!), and spent our evenings sharing beverages with them at the Drunken Duck Pub.  Most importantly, Justin & I were able to spend lots of time together and reflect on our last eight months of marriage.  And what a whirlwind it has been!

Even though our vacations are always great, I always find myself getting a little homesick toward the end.  I’m happy to be back and sleeping in my own bed at night, and reunited with our baby Rudy.  I’m looking forward to starting an AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse this week to reset my body, getting back into an exercise routine, and establishing a blogging routine, and buying a new car! Yep – never a dull moment around here.  Stay tuned!



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