New Car!

My first big purchase of my thirties… a new car!

After countless hours of online shopping and research, and spending the last three nights shopping dealerships & test driving, I’ve settled on a Honda CR-V!  I was torn between a few cars, but mainly either a Toyota Corolla S, a Toyota RAV4 LE, or a Honda CR-V EX — all 2016 in model.  I loved my 2008 Corolla, so one option was to upgrade what I already know and love, and continue getting amazing gas mileage, but I was concerned that in a year or two, once babies come along, would we outgrow it and want an SUV.

The day I got it, in February 2012.

It sure is bittersweet to get rid of the car I spent the last 6 1/2 years with, but I’m excited to upgrade to more of a family vehicle.

Before I drove it off the lot, May 23, 2018!

Thanks, Performance Honda for taking great care of us, and for the free car washes for life. 😉

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