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Gender Reveal Party

On October 4th, Justin & I hosted a small gender reveal party for our families. For years, we were against ever having a gender reveal party. But this time, the case being we are finally blessed with a healthy pregnancy after a two year struggle, it was time to celebrate!

img_3512.jpgI made this banner from card stock using our Cricut machine. Sorry for the bright lighting, but it says “Baby Peterson.”

IMG_3572Lots of balloons to being blown up! We wanted to display the shadowboxes that we made in remembrance of our three angel babies, so those were on top of the TV console.

20191003-untitled14-03Oct19-6We hung the OH BABY balloons in the bay window in our kitchen.

20191003-untitled14-03Oct19-4We hung the onesies (that we gave each other as wedding anniversary gifts) as part of the decor too!

20191003-untitled14-03Oct19-5We hung streamers along the stair rails.


We got this adorable beverage stand as a wedding gift and I think we’ve only used it once, so this was the perfect opportunity to use it again. I made blue and pink Kool-Aid for the kids (and, ahem, me) to drink.

20191003-untitled14-03Oct19-1220191003-untitled14-03Oct19-19Justin saw an idea on Pinterest for a cake with colored candies in the middle that would spill out when you cut it. We knew we had to re-create it! We used a white cake mix and vanilla marshmallow frosting (SO GOOD!) and decorated it with Pink, Blue and Pearl sprinkles.  I made the “Sweet Baby” topper with leftover card stock on my Cricut machine.

We ordered LaRosa’s pizzas, and family members graciously brought appetizers and salads to pair with it. Mostly, I think everyone was just so anxious to find out – is baby P a boy or a girl!? – that they ate quickly!

And Now, the Reveal!

We bought confetti cannons to shoot in the backyard to convey the news.

IMG_3698They were a lot harder to shoot than we anticipated!
IMG_3693IMG_3694IMG_3695To say that everyone was excited, is a complete understatement. We asked Dylan, “Pink confetti!? What does that mean!?” She screamed, and then we all screamed:


Literally, I’m crying as I look back at this photo. We bought this for Dylan years ago, and my aunt gifted it back to us for baby girl. 

As soon as the confetti popped, our family started giving us gifts – some neutral, and some Baby GIRL gifts. No, they did NOT have baby boy gifts also on reserve in the car.  My side of the family was all 100% positive it was a girl, and well, they were right!

Next up, we cut the cake and served desserts for everyone to enjoy. 20191004-untitled14-04Oct19-3Dylan sang Happy Birthday to the baby and had a front row seat as the M&Ms fell out of the cake.

IMG_3697By the end of the night, I was exhausted, with a full belly, and feeling so overwhelmed with LOVE.  Sweet Baby GIRL Peterson is the perfect addition to our family, and already loved and spoiled by all!

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