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November Recap

Much like October, November was filled with lots of love and happiness! Almost my entire Mom’s side of the family has birthdays between October and November, and several of our friends as well, so there has been lots to celebrate recently! Not to mention, Thanksgiving is truly the highlight of the month!

Ashley’s “Desserts with Dutch” Baby Sprinkle

Just like every party Ashley’s family throws, this one was super adorable and not a detail missed! So glad we could celebrate her little Mister due to arrive in just a couple of weeks!

Note to self: These stripes are not flattering on me! Eeek.

Girl’s Night Out

I met up with some grade school friends for dinner at Sotto, in downtown Cincinnati.  The food was incredible, but the company was even better. We MUST get together like this more often!

Apologies for the poor lighting. The restaurant atmosphere is very dark!

Thanksgiving in Chicago

My aunt & uncle live in Chicago and host a delicious Thanksgiving feast every year. I was so excited to attend this year! Chicago is by far my favorite city, and there’s nothing better than spending holidays with family.

My uncle is an extremely talented food photographer, and T-day is hosted in his photography studio where there is a huge chef-style kitchen, and lots of room for seating.  This year, some of the turkeys were seasoned and fried “KFC Style,” as KFC is a client of his! The desserts were exquisite, too. My favorite was the decadent chocolate birthday cake!

On Black Friday, I shopped till I dropped with my mom, aunties and cousins, scoring deals on Michigan Avenue (aka The Magnificent Mile) & State Street. I walked over 6 miles and my pregnant feet were so tired and swollen by the time I made it back.


Justin stayed home and kept our precious pups (Rudy + my mom’s dog, Buddy) company.  They both love him so much and the photos he was sending were melting my heart!

He took a whole bunch of photos with his professional camera too! (More on his facebook page)

Couple of Random November Favorites…

+ When I needed a break from Christmas music, I listened to a couple of episodes of the Sorry In Advance Podcast during my drive to and from Chicago. I know I’m biased because they’re my friends, but these guys are pretty darn funny! Be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!

SIA Logo

+ Something new I tried this month and have been enjoying, is Stitch Fix! I’ve gotten two boxes so far and I have liked the majority of the items. To begin, you create a style profile and specify all your likes and dislikes, as well as what you’re looking for in a “fix.” For me, I wanted maternity tops and pieces that could double as work-wear and casual-wear. They sent me several sweaters and a pair of black skinny pants – all of which I’ve loved! I even wore several of the pieces on Thanksgiving!  Use my link for $25 off your first fix!


+ While I’m still completely addicted to my beloved Starbucks Refreshers, the Crystal Light Energy packets have been hitting the spot as well. The Wild Strawberry flavor tastes pretty dang similar to the Strawberry Acai Refresher, except with less calories and less expensive (~$2.50 for a box of 10)! I picked up this super fun spiky/sparkly cup from Starbucks and have been filling it up constantly – whether with my energy juice or water. Drinking from fun cups always helps me drink more. Anybody with me?

When I bought this cup, I had them fill it with a strawberry refresher! (hence the strawberry slices)

What I’m looking forward to in December:

  • Taking maternity photos & sending Christmas cards!
  • SHOPPING! Btw – if you don’t already use Ebates/Rakuten, do yourself a favor and sign up immediately! Save yourself some moolah!
  • Christmas crafting – I want to get a little creative with customizing gifts & wrapping paper this year.
  • Last but certainly not least, spending Christmas with our families. I truly love the hustle & bustle of the holiday season, but topping it off with quality family time is the best part of all.

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