Pregnancy loss

What’s Next

Justin and I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day.  It was originally scheduled as our 12 Week appointment, and the day we would have announced our pregnancy publicly.  As you know, things didn’t work out as we planned, and now the appointment is serving as my miscarriage follow-up. I’m not sure if they’ll run HCG tests, or perform another ultrasound to make sure my uterus is empty, but either way, it’s going to be another devastating day.   If it happens that I have not passed everything on my own (when I say “on my own,” I mean by way of the medicine), they’ll need to schedule a D&C.  Please say a little prayer that isn’t necessary.

I’d like to quickly thank everyone who has reached out to us in the past week offering their sincere condolences, remembrance gifts and especially the “me too”s that have come forward.  It certainly helps to know you’re not the only one suffering through this shitty experience, and I appreciate having women to confide in and ask my questions to.  To our friends who haven’t been through this experience, your constant thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated. I know it’s tough to know the right words to say, since obviously we have been on that side before too, just please continue to be patient and understanding.  We love you all!

J & I made this little shadowbox in memory of Baby P.  It was an emotionally daunting task.  Only 3 photos, but so, so many tears.
carried you
Baby P, you are always in my heart.

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