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Exercising and Podcasting

Exercising & Podcasting
Lately I have been craving distraction and routine, and my body is in dire need of exercise. I’ve been feeling quite unlike myself.  We’ve been eating so much comfort food (read: junk food) because we haven’t been much in the mood to cook, and my body pains were preventing me from wanting to do any sort of workouts.

I finally decided I needed to SUCK IT UP, and get moving, and try to regain some “normalcy.”  This week I returned to Planet Fitness and it feels freaking good. It’s only been three days and physically, I feel like a new woman.  I chug a pre-workout before I get down to business, and then I like to do numerous cardio machines, and mix in a little weight training — but I’m careful not to overdo it, since my body hasn’t been used to this for the past couple of weeks.  After the gym we’ve been making nutritious meals for dinner, and I’ll follow it with a hot bath with Epsom salts before lounging out in front of the TV the rest of the night.

I have a love/hate relationship with exercising, so to keep my mind occupied I’ve been listening to some really great Podcasts!

Whine Down with Jana Kramer – This has been a favorite of mine for several months now.  She releases new episodes every Monday, and I swear every week is juicier than the week before.  She speaks about her marriage, her daughter (& son on the way!), and there’s always exciting guests.  One week there was a Numerologist – which I found super interesting!

RISE podcast by Rachel Hollis – If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember  my love for Rachel Hollis’ book, Girl Wash Your Face.  Well, her podcast is just as inspiring as her book!  She’s a self-taught event planner, author, and CEO of her lifestyle website, The Chic Site, “with a high school diploma and a Google search bar.” She outlines the tools that you need to reach your goals and make lasting change to live your best life, but explains that ultimately, it’s up to you to make it happen.
Her Instagram is super inspiring too!

Did you really even go to the gym if you didn’t take a selfie?

Managing Miscarriage – When I need to grieve, this podcast is so helpful.  Real life women share their stories on-air.  I don’t typically listen to this one at the gym (because I can’t listen to it without crying, which is OK because crying is just necessary) but it’s a great one for in the car or when I’m doing things around the house.

Unhappy Hour – On the flip side, when I need a good laugh, Matt Bellassai never disappoints. I also read his book, Everything is Awful: And Other Observations, and his “To Be Honest” series on YouTube is pretty damn funny.

My aunt recommended that I listen to Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher (she suffered from two miscarriages and is now pregnant with her rainbow baby!) so that’s next on my list to check out, for sure!

Questions for my readers:

What are some of your favorite Podcasts? I’d love to give them a listen!
Have you listened to Goal Digger? What were your thoughts?
Or – Do you prefer to listen to music while you exercise? Drop me a link to your playlist!

Add me in a Step Challenge on FitBit! Your girl needs all the motivation she can get! 🙂


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